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Government buildings


Government projects are usually confidential; hence some workspaces may have limited access. Such spaces may require one control system to control the air supply. A concentrated control system is the best to help avoid interruptions.


The ambient temperature and air quality play a prominent role in creating a serene environment for clients and employees. Flexi-Space offers reliable and flexible installation and maintenance solutions with the end user in mind.

Systems for Government buildings


The energy-saving VRF systems provide individual zone control and precise comfort within commercial buildings. They are super compatibility with a wide selection of indoor units provides the flexibility to produce tailored climate control solutions for a wide range of interior scenarios.


There are various types of chillers with wide range of application. There are also different ranges in capacity available. Midea chillers can be combine with fan coil units and air handling units Project owners may choose the best types
according to their design taste or functional needs. There is wide ambient temperature and water outlet temperature operation ranges.

Packaged Units

The Midea Package unit model ranges from 22kW to 105 kW. It has high corrosion resistance of case panels (industrial steel with galvanization G-90), confirmed by ASTM A 653 tests. It has high-quality copper pipelines in all components of the unit, highly efficient and reliable Scroll compressors manufactured by Copeland, Hitachi & Danfoss, built-in control board with the functions of control, self-diagnosis, protection, temperature control and an external port for checking refrigerant pressure (for connecting pressure gauges).

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