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We stock an array of products within our existing brands; Midea, MDV (European brand) and Clivet (Italian brand). These products are categorised into Residential Air-Conditioners (RAC), Light Commercial Air-Conditioners, Heavy Commercial Air-Conditioners (CAC) and Industrial Air-Conditioners.

Our brands

Midea & MDV

The Midea Building Technologies  (MBT) business unit is a key part of  the Midea Group, which strategically  places its business concentration

on the products, services, and  comprehensive solutions of Intelligent  Building including energy sources,  control systems and heating,  ventilation & air conditioners. Midea  MBT has continued with the tradition  of innovation upon which it was  founded and emerged as a global  leader in the HVAC industry. Midea  believes in providing industry solutions  by adopting a consumer-centric and  problem-solving approach. Going  above and beyond for the future,  constantly exploring and inventing to  meet the ever-changing demand of  our consumers.

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Established in Italy in 1989 the company began its  activity with the production of chillers and heat  pumps. Clivet developed innovative specialised  systems based on Roof-top units, WLHP Systems  (Water Loop Heat Pump) and residential systems.  Today, Clivet has created a series of specialised  system solutions for applications that meet the  specific needs of different buildings by optimising the overall efficiency in relation to traditional  systems (boiler, chiller, AHU). Clivet’s specialised  systems simplify the design and installation work,  improve the control of the entire system, reduce  the environmental impact and, at the same time, optimise the initial investment, reduce running costs,  increasing the building’s energy rating and therefore  its value on the market.

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